People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care!

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Pastor Gordon

Almost everyone has a cell phone and internet........... I know this because I talk with people in remote places of the world every day. 
God made technology….man didn’t...we just discovered it. Think about that. I’m just using God's creation to draw people closer to him on a global level.
My name is Gordon and I am a Pastor….but you could also say I am a "cyber missionary" for an organization called Live Global. I talk to pastors and leaders all over the world who are willing to let me pray with them, equip them with biblical material for training and we encourage each other. I also enjoy talking and praying with Christians who are not in leadership roles to assure them they are extremely important in the Kingdom of God as well!
My wife and I started this ministry to disciple believers in every nation for the Kingdom of God through the use of modern technology. 
God told me to use my 20 years of sales and marketing experience to connect with people, I’d like to think that I’m a digital fisher of men. Most of the overseas people I speak with need biblical training material and what better way to share it and equip them than using digital technology.
So, what is my ministry exactly? 
Sometimes people just need someone to talk with, someone they don’t see every day. Sometimes it feels like you are on an island all by yourself even when you are surrounded by people. 
*I hold a weekly prayer meeting online that includes people coming together to praise God. I work with hundreds of people and my database is growing daily. 

You might be asking yourself how can I have this connection if I’m not there in person? 

*Every day I am texting, online chatting, talking on the phone or video calling Christians from all walks of life all over the world and it doesn’t stop there: 

*I help small church pastors in the U.S. and overseas by consistently caring for them on all levels and checking in on their overall ministry health. 

*I enjoy talking and praying with people who are not in ministry because they are important to the Kingdom of God as well & I provide biblical counseling for those in need.
I truly believe that with your partnership we can disciple people on a global level with consistent follow up and communication so entire cities, villages and towns can be transformed for Jesus Christ!
When you partner with us you are:

1. Discipling and encourage Pastors to pour out the gospel and God’s love all over their community.

2. Being a part of a ministry that uplifts broken people and points them to the cross to make them whole.

3. Partnering will give us more resources and more time to help win more souls to Jesus and permanently change their lives forever!

Understand, people don’t care how much you know…until they know how much you care!

 I would love nothing more than to include you in something that is unlike any other form of missions outreach. 

Would you please consider partnering with this ministry?

Thank you for your time,

Gordon & Aimee

Pastor Gordon

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