Almost everyone on the planet has a cell phone and internet........... I know this because I talk with people in remote places of the world every day.

God made technology….man didn’t...we just discovered it. Think about that. I’m just using God's creation to draw people closer to him on a global level.

I'm different! 

My name is Gordon and I am a Pastor….but you could also say I am a "cyber missionary" for an organization called Live Global and Christian Collective.

So, what is my ministry exactly?

Sometimes people just need someone to talk with, someone they don’t see every day.

1. I use technology to generate real prayer requests here in the United States and all over the world.

2. From praying with United States veterans to oversea's Pastor's, I match people in need with people who care through my virtual prayer call center.

3. We've made free educational online courses for digital discipleship to help new and old believers alike.

Thank you for your time,

Gordon & Aimee

"People don’t care how much you know…until they know how much you care!"

Pastor Gordon image